The main purpose of propaganda is to convince no matter what.

Joshua got into a fight with his brother.

He was accused of having violated the law.

He was in a hurry to see his son.

Dad, do you believe in ghosts?

Is it time?

The stock they sold buyers was a lemon.

He is poor at English but second to none in mathematics.

Is Jerald still here?

It's not hard to see what the results of this rise will be.

I don't know much about politics.

Change into your suit.

You can drink water, but you can also let it be.

Waking on the street, he met Jim.

Man must take a lesson from difficult situation and bad condition which befall in her/his life.

All the members of our club, excluding me, are men.

What will we eat?

Jerome used to be a member of the bomb squad.

Izzy has been awfully quiet today.

I have a bottle of very good wine that I've been saving for a special occasion.

What do you call it when water freezes?

Ji had no time to waste.

Mr. Johnson is a wonderful music teacher.

I have to see this movie.

I've forgotten my email address.

This is more expensive than I expected.

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Gabriel doesn't like coffee.

I'm so sorry about this.

Are you sure you can handle all that?


Harry stuck his fingers in his ears.

His early poetry draws heavily on his experience and memories of childhood.

I'm still sleepy.

Is she my friend?

It's rude of you to ask her that question.

John was making mistakes all the time.

We're drinking tea and waiting.

If you say so.

Jonathan is staying at a nearby hotel.

I told her I'd help.

I'll buy this for Hui.


Ned began to feel tired.

Were you excited?

The pleasure of possessing is not in my estimation worth the trouble of acquiring.

Do you really want to be a soldier?

What do you do for recreation around here?


This is the shortest way to the station.


Do you have a guilty conscience?

I have worked and she has played.

Summer isn't over yet!


Our office is on the 10th floor of Tokyo building.

This has nothing to do with what happened here last week.

There were only three children on the bus.

How much longer can we keep Stan on life support?

A dog is a faithful animal.

Gene told me a joke.

What would you say to convince him to buy one?

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Could you get me a glass of ice water please.

They walked two abreast.

That's all she wrote.

What've you done to Sunil?

I'm doing a lot of reading.

Louis just lent me some books.

I've been ordered to take charge.

Why are we moving to Boston?

Our showroom made a hit with young ladies.

This figure is supposed to represent Marilyn Monroe, but I don't think it does her justice.

Don't back away.

I told you to leave it up to me.

Don't try to walk before you can crawl.


We're going to keep smiling.


The pain you go through because of love is by far sweeter than any other pleasure.

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his.

Do you have any knowledge of French?

I don't mind in the slightest who he is.

He fell as if wounded by a bullet.

Why are we dealing with him?

I looked up the word in the dictionary.

What are some high cholesterol foods that you can easily avoid eating?

I used to live three doors down from Andreas.

I'm not contradicting what their children say.

Children are impatient and restless.

Who is that stranger?

Rees was the one who told Karl that her house had burned down.

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Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest.

Clare told me to take good care of you.

I didn't mean for this to happen.

Nobody told me it was going to get this cold.

You need to tell Hunter what happened.

How long do you think Piet will work for us before he quits and goes to another company?

The firemen rushed into the burning house.

Horst picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.

Now there was once a maiden whose name was Jorinda. She was prettier than all the pretty girls that ever were seen before, and a shepherd lad, whose name was Jorindel, was very fond of her, and they were soon to be married.

I do not believe in pacifism.

He tricked her into agreeing to his proposal.

"You don't know how to smoke?" "Of course I know how to smoke!"

Mark is the host of a home improvement show.


Did you let them drive your car?

You're just not ready.

A man stood waving his hand to me.

She lives alone.

Kiwifruit is a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin C.

Hirotoshi could tell that Alfred wasn't listening.

I still haven't decided where to go.

Jwahar was home with a cold last week.

Why does the name Stephe Jackson sound so familiar?


Our connection may be cut on paper but the bonds of old remain as they were.


I was extremely angry.

That's the reason I don't like him.

The building on the hill is our school.


There might not be enough room in the car for Patrick.

My father grows rice.

Why aren't you inside?

Vijay has more money in the bank than I do.

Muslims bury their dead in graves.


He was surprised at the long-distance phone bill.


I can walk no farther.

I have nightmares.

Adrian was walking slowly.


Hank stared into the distance.

He promised it would never happen again.

The book didn't sell, so it wasn't reprinted.

New Zealand is pretty incredible.

Joon has a different perspective.

You're fantastic.

Rajesh is a real good friend.

You are a magical being who radiates with light.

Kylo made himself comfortable on the couch.


It never really ends.


Send us what you want to translate.


Will I have the pleasure of seeing you again?

We'll have to leave town.

The event is on Tuesday.

Why don't you get this one?

Are you sure this is the right number?

Her notions were what is called advanced.

He exclaimed, "What a dirty face you have!"

I bought some bread.

Is that what you really want?

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Mitchell was the first guy I ever kissed.


She is an excellent scholar, and is recognized everywhere as such.


I would like your picture.

If your licence exceeds its validity period then you can be issued with a new licence in the following way.

I'll meet you in the lobby at three.

Three men jumped out, rolled an old mower down the ramp.

You didn't even say goodbye.

I'm pretty hungry since I haven't eaten since early this morning.

Have you read anything interesting lately?


Hwa Jackson is the deputy director.

Hey, is this fish tasty for real? It looks like a black porgy who'd fallen in with mobsters and been put on the country's most wanted list!?

The work suited Nigel.

The sun is the brightest star.

My husband is indifferent to his clothes.

I saw the film in San Francisco last year.

Fay was determined to continue his support for as long as it took.


Are you going to be in Boston this weekend?


Guillermo doesn't like mathematics.

He recovered quickly.

Sincere apologies.

The job looked quite simple, but it took me a week.

Blayne will fail.

They left the movie early.

I just dropped in to say goodbye.

Clayton didn't expect that answer.

He's crazy.

His success resulted from hard work.

He refuses formula.

Dan found a human skull a few yards from the road.

They explained it.


Glenn was eliminated before he got to the finals.

Are there any girls here you haven't yet met?

Are we going to talk about this or not?


Nobody'll know.